The program of the XVI Cheboksary International Film Festival dedicated to ethnic and regional cinema has been announced

Three competitive programs will be presented to the audience and the jury:
feature films, ethnic and regional films, and for the first time – documentaries.
The jury of the feature film competition will be headed by the founder and
director of the Australian film festival "Russian Resurrection", producer Nikolai
Maksimov (Australia).

The jury will also include: director and actor Ivan Shakhnazarov, composer
Artem Artemyev, film critic Denis Gorelov.

Cinematographers will choose the winners from eleven films entered into the

feature film competition, including:

feature film “Punch Drunk”, Iran, directed by Adel Tabrizi;
feature film "Fortune", Tajikistan, directed by Mukhiddin Muzaffar;
feature film "Summer Holiday", Bangladesh, directed by Mohammad
feature film "The Trail of the Beast", Serbia, directed by Nenad Pavlovich;
feature film "Everyone Hates Johan", Norway, directed by Hallvar Witse;
feature film "Zulali", Armenia, directed by Hayk Ordyan;
feature film "Garden", Russia, directed by Larisa Sadilova;
feature film "Ada", Russia, directed by Stanislav Svetlov;
feature film "Camel Arc", Russia, directed by Vitaly Suslin;
feature film "A Similar Man", Russia, directed by Semyon Serzin;
feature film "Physical Faculty", Russia, directed by Alexei Kozlov.

As in previous years, the jury of the ethnic and regional cinema competition has
been formed, which will evaluate 18 works:

feature film "Knots", Russia, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, directed by Oleg

feature film "Breath of the Dead Forest", Russia, Republic of Karelia, directed
by Evgeny Tatarov;
feature film "Larks in a Burdock Field" Russia, Ulyanovsk /Azerbaijan,
directed by Ksenia Lagutina;
feature film "Poet's Diary" Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, directed by Bulat
feature film "Tailor from Brooklyn" Russia, Yaroslavl/ Bulgaria, directed by
Evgeny Serov;
feature film "Eternity, Eternity and Beyond...", Russia, Ekaterinburg, directed
by Andrey Kim;
feature film "The Righteous Man", Russia, Chuvash Republic, directed by
Alexander Osipov;
feature film "Homeless Girl", Russia, Novosibirsk, directed by Irina
feature film "Ainaz", Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, directed by Dinara
feature film " the name of the Russian Federation ...", Russia, Voronezh,
directed by Maksim Mishchenko;
feature film "Yanek is a Dealer", Russia, St. Petersburg, directed by Vladislav
feature film "Black Stone", Russia, Republic of Tyva, directed by Vitaly Petrov;
feature film "Five out of Five", Russia, Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, directed
by Konstantin Shatov;
feature film "EVSEEV: Confession at Life's Price", Russia, Republic of Mari El,
directed by Andrey Ogorodnikov;
feature film "Kindik Ene", Kyrgyzstan, directed by Taberik Yusupova;
feature film "Cuidando al Sol"/"Sun and Daughter", Bolivia/Spain, directed by
Catalina Razzini;
feature film "Brothers", Kazakhstan, directed by Darkhan Tulegenov;
feature film "Dead Dawn", Russia, Chuvash Republic, directed by Alexey

The chairman of the jury of this program will be the director of theater and

cinema, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Valery Akhadov.
His colleagues in judging will be Ivan Kudryavtsev, a program director of the
Moscow International Film Festival, Olga Konfederat, a film critic, Hong Sang
Woo (South Korea), a professor of the Department of Russian Literature and
Language of the National Gyeongsang University, an adviser to the Korean
Film Committee.

The competition program of documentary films included 14 works:

documentary film "Mahatma Khavkin", Russia, Moscow / India, director Galina

documentary film "Your Whole Fyodor Dostoevsky", Kazakhstan, directed by
Konstantin Kharalampidis;
documentary film "Eigengrau", Russia, Saratov, directed by Nikita
documentary film"The Tatars Rode", Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, directed by
Salavat Yuseyev;
documentary film"Italians in the Crimea", Russia, Moscow/ Republic of
Crimea, directed by Anna Golikova;
documentary film"Crimean Karaites. Children of the Sacred Scriptures", Russia,
Moscow/Crimea Republic, directed by Svetlana Kharchevina;
documentary film"People live", Russia, Irkutsk, directed by Pavel
documentary film"South Ural. Traces of Centuries", Russia, Chelyabinsk,
directed by Matvey Sholokhov;
documentary film"And One is a Warrior in a Field", Russia, Khabarovsk,
directed by Albert Samoilov;
documentary film"The Boy from Shorshely", Russia, Chuvash Republic,
directed by Elena Edeleeva;
documentary film"Broadcast"" Russia, Arkhangelsk, directed by Nikolay
documentary film"Young Specialist", Russia, Yekaterinburg, directed by Sergey
documentary film"Grandfather", Kyrgyzstan, directed by Hamidbai kyzy
documentary film"Wounded Childhood", Russia, Severodonetsk, directed by
Natalia Lukeicheva, Anna Sinitskaya.

The program of documentaries will be evaluated by producer Galina Sytsko,
director Ivan Bolotnikov, Rector of the Chuvash State Institute of Culture and
Arts Natalia Baskakova, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism of the Kyrgyz
National University named after J. Balasagyn Shirin Kostyuk (Kyrgyzstan).
The festival program also includes special screenings, a children's program,
creative meetings and four master classes.

As part of the film festival at the Chuvash State Philharmonic there will be

shown a comedy play "Husband in Installments" with Alexander Baluev,
Ekaterina Semenova and Svetlana Belskaya in the leading roles, and a poetic
mono-performance "StiCH" by the theater and film actor Sergei Druziak.
Young viewers will have an opportunity to watch a restored version of the film
"Scarlet Sails" by the film studio "Mosfilm"; 16 episodes of the animated series
"You Just Wait!", the cartoon "Mowgli" produced by "Soyuzmultfilm" and
several other feature films.

The main venue of the film festival will be the Volzhsky Cinema. Also, 19

locations in the capital of Chuvashia and cities and regions of the Republic will
be included in the film festival process.

Entrance to all film screenings traditionally remains free, complimentary

invitations are available at the box office before the show.