Chairman of the jury of the feature film competition

Nicholas Maksymow was born in Australia, the fourth generation of Russian emigration. From childhood, he was brought up to love the Russian language and culture. At the same time as studying in an Australian State school, he studied Russian at the St. Alexander Nevsky Russian Language School in Sydney, Australia, from which he graduated with Distinction in1989. At the University of NSW he attained Master of Arts degree majoring in International Relations and the Russian language. From 1998 to the present day, Nicholas is the Managing Director of a successful family business in residential aged care (Fairmont Aged Care), and practises consulting in this industry. In 2006 he attained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. For more than 20 years, he has been played an active role in promoting the Russian language and culture. In 1997, as President of the Russian Ethnic Communities Council in the state of New South Wales, he initiated the provision of a bust of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin to the University of New South Wales (Australia). Since the year 2000, he officiated a committee to reinstate the Continuers Course in the Russian language in Australian state schools, for which lobbying was successfully completed in 2014. From 2010 to 2021, he continues to actively promote Russian at the state level, whilst President of the St. Alexander Nevsky Russian School in Sydney, and, continues to teach concurrently at the school. In 2004 and up until the present day, Nicholas has been the initiator and Director of the Russian Resurrection Film Festival, thus promoting the Russian language and culture to the peoples of Australia.

The jury of the feature film competition

Russian director, actor, screenwriter, dubbing director. 

Born in Moscow on January 25, 1993. Graduated from the directing faculty of the VGIK named after Gerasimov (workshop of V.I. Khotinenko). Ivan got on the set at the age of 13, starred in cameo roles in the films "Love in the USSR" and "The Vanished Empire". In his 1st year he started working as a prop master. Ivan began his directing career by shooting short films. The first picture "Without Words" was awarded by a number of student film festivals. In 2015, the aspiring director made his debut as an actor. In 2017, he made his debut as a feature film director. In 2019, he participated in the filming of the First Channel project "The Main Role" as a director.

The jury of the feature film competition

Soviet & Russian composer, media artist and producer experimenting in the genre of electronic & electroacoustic music.

The author of music for many documentaries & feature films, among them, such as: "Fan" and "Fan-II" (directed by V. Feoktistov), "Arbiter" (I. Okhloby-stin), "Walk on the Scaffold" (directed by I. Friedberg), "Poor Sasha" (directed by T. Keosayan), "March-throw" (directed by N. Istanbul), TV series "ABC of Love", "Funny business, family busi-ness".

Artemiy graduated from the Music College at the Moscow Conservatory, then the Institute of Foreign Languages nedm after M. Torez, and later the University's composition class in film & electronic music composition (Los Angeles, USA), directing courses under the direction of George Lucas (Los Angeles, USA).

Today he has 6 solo albums & 7 collaborative projects released together with foreign artists. Among them are Peter Frohmader (Germany), Christopher De Laurenti (USA), Phillip Klingler (USA), "Karda Estra" (UK). His discs "Five Mysterious Tales of Asia" & "Mysticism of Sound" were named the best albums of electronic music in the USA. In Russia were awarded the Presidential Prize "for achievements in the field of electronic and film music & contemporary art."

The jury of the feature film competition

Denis Gorelov is a film critic, Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.
Denis Vadimovich Gorelov was born in 1967 in Moscow. Since 1990 - film reviewer for the newspapers "Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Segodnya", "Russian Telegraph", "Izvestia", and "Russian Life" magazine.  The author of the scripts of L. Parfenov's TV cycle "The other day-1961-1991". He is the author of books about cinema "The Homeland of Elephants", "The Game of Trivia", "Derzhavyu"  twenty-four books in the series "The Great Soviet Cinema" published by "Komsomolskaya Pravda".
Since 2018 - A serial columnist for "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Chairman of the jury of the ethnic and regional cinema competition

Soviet and Russian theater and film director, screenwriter, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of the Tajik SSR.

He was born on August 9, 1945 in Samarkand.
In 1963 – 1965 he studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, worked as a lighting technician and assistant cameraman at the "Tajikfilm" studio.
In 1971 he graduated from the directing department of VGIK (workshop of E. Dzigan).
He worked as the chief director of the Tajik Academic Drama Theater named after Lahuti.
In 1974 he joined the CPSU.
In 1978 – 1986 he worked as the first secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of the Tajik SSR.